A week to remember in the New Riding!

I am always being asked what our MP is up to and when she is going to be in Ward 4…well I know MP Rudd is out and about shopping right here in Newcastle! With her daughter Steph, the two enjoyed a day out in Newcastle for lunch and a bit of shopping while talking with many of the local merchants in town and listening to their concerns…I was honoured to be invited to an announcement from MP Rudd’s office and below I have posted what it was and how  it should be of interest to all of us in our New Riding.

On Friday, MP Kim Rudd,  Announced Significant Funding Grants to Two Local Not-For-Profit Agencies

IMG_7435Parliamentary Secretary of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Northumberland Peterborough—South Kim Rudd invited me to attend an event to present two significant grants through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).Both agencies represent the best in services to our community…and both agencies have years of exemplary supports to the sectors they serve.

Community Living—West Northumberland will be presented with the ‘Stepping Stones to Employment’ Grant, while the Northumberland Community Legal Centre will be presented a ‘Career Focus’ Grant. Community Living—West Northumberland and its EARN subsidiary’s mission is committed to providing quality support for people with disabilities to live, learn, and work as valued citizens in the community.” They do this day-in and day-out…in support of EARN’s Stepping Stones to Employment Program.  This grant was delivered on behalf of Minister Mihychuk, Minister of Employment and Workforce Development & Labour, in the amount of $98,635.00

The Northumberland Community Legal Centre assists low-income people with a range of legal issues, including tenant’s rights, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Safety & Insurance, Criminal Injuries Compensation, Employment Insurance, Employment Standards, and Human Rights. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in the community. I’m proud to announce a grant on behalf of Minister Mihychuk from their Career Focus fund for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to make more informed career decisions and develop their skills.

Career Focus aims to:

  • increase the supply of highly qualified workers;                                                                                                                       IMG_7433
  • facilitate the transition of highly-skilled young people to a rapidly changing labour market;
  • promote the benefits of advanced studies; and
  • demonstrate federal leadership by investing in the skills required to meet the needs of the knowledge economy.

The Program is part of the Youth Employment Strategy. The Northumberland Legal Centre will be the recipient of $159,544 towards the hiring of legal students in the Legal Clinic.

Both agencies, their boards, staff, and volunteers work very hard and should be congratulated for  all they do for their communities.

Then on Friday afternoon, MP Rudd and some members of Clarington Council were in attendance for the ground breaking event of the Port Granby Project.Mayor Foster and MP Rudd were able to bring greetings and tell of the importance to our community of this project that has been years getting to this point.

IMG_7448This project is a federal initiative for the clean up and safe long term management of historic low level radio active waste situated in the southeast corner of the Municipality of Clarington. The project addresses a long standing environmental problem resulting from past industrial practices.

This project is part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) which also involves the clean up of historic low level radioactive waste in neighbouring Port Hope. The PHAI Management Office, led by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, is implementing the Port  Hope and Port Granby projects on behalf of  Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, a federal Crown Corporation.

So much happening around the Ward and our new riding…stay tuned for many more events taking place in Ward 4.

Lots of GREAT things happening around the Ward!

This morning I attended the Kendal Women’s Breakfast held at the Kendal United Church and what a treat that was for me. Lia Peacock, a young Grade 11, Trinity College student, who has just returned from a trip to Ecuador to help build a room onto a school there, was our speaker. Lia lives with her parents in Kendal and did a great job telling us all about her experiences while on this 2 week trip with her classmates. What I found most interesting was just how these young adults gave of themselves to make a better life for others in a completely different world from te one they are all used to. Lia put in a lot of hard work and had many great experiences to share with all of us, and this was enjoyed by all who attended.

What great things we’ve been working on in Ward 4! We finally got the site plans for the Brookhouse development and they are exciting to say the least! I have asked our Planning Department to provide me with 3 of the pictures for your perusal. I spoke with Bright Star Corporation yesterday and they have assured me once the permits are issued, they will be starting right away. We’re very excited as this has been a long time coming and it is definitely needed in Newcastle.

Check these out!

21 Brookhouse A-300 – Exterior Perspective 21 Brookhouse A-202 Typical Plan Floor 2-4 21 Brookhouse A-201 Ground Floor Plan

Now wouldn’t you like to see this in Orono?

Orono Senior’s Complex (1) Well, you very well could, sooner than you think!

Orono now has 3 hour customer parking on the Main Street! This was extended just after Christmas and should alleviate any issue with getting what has been felt in the past to be and  “unwarranted” parking ticket. Orono was left to 2 hour parking limits as it was felt that was sufficient, and if you read the Orono Weekly Times, you will know the parking study done was very old and business’ of today felt it not sufficient, so the DBIA Chair, Lisa Roy, sent a letter asking for an extension of one hour on the Main Street to help the local business’ of today. Council endorsed it and the Region complied. Onward and upward in Orono for 2014!

The Firehouse Bistro has started up a knitting group on Sunday afternoon so for all you talented knitters out there, drop in and see Valerine and get all the details! She’d love to see you and while you are there enjoy a fancy burger or pulled pork sandwich and home made fries…mmmm good!

Monday evening at Council we passed a motion declaring Clarington a disaster area and asking Premier Wynne for help with the financial impact after the ice storm through the Christmas holidays. Mayor Foster is working hard with the other GTA Mayors to ensure Clarington is in the mix of Municipalities receiving disaster funding from the Province and not left out in the cold…literally.

Also at Council last Monday evening, we made an amendment to the motion I made and that Council passed, regarding the Municipal Contractor who is contracted by the Municipality to clear your sidewalks if you are in non compliance of clearing them yourselves.  The first motion was, if he came and cleared your sidewalk and notified you that you would be billed, we would waive that fee for the period of Dec. 20 to Jan.3rd. The amended motion has the date now extended to Jan 4th as that was a Saturday and it was felt that would be better for you to get the job done. Please if you have any questions, contact the Municipality of Clarington at 905-623-3379 and speak to Len Creamer Manager of Law Enforcement or contact via email lcreamer@clarington.net  Please note, it is very important to keep your walks clear for everyone who is trying to walk along our streets and be aware that the contractor, if called by our by law department to come and clear it for you, will be billing you on behalf of the Municipality. Be sure to clear and salt in icy areas. Please think of your neighbours out walking. There is lots of sand at the Municipal Yard on Taunton Road in Orono and is FREE to the public so if you are not able to find salt, the sand works just great too.

Council is grappling with a question that the City of Ajax would like us to support. So far the information  we’ve seen from our Staff report leads us to believe it is too soon for Clarington to support this, however I am going to put it out there and see if you agree…here is the motion Ajax has asked us to support and which at present Council does not.

1) THAT the Town of Ajax Council petition the Council of the Regional Municipality of Durham to include the following question on the region wide ballot on October 27, 2014….Are you in favour of the Council of the Regional Municipality of Durham taking all necessary steps to reduce the size of the Regional Council by distributing the seats based on the population of each local municipality.                YES or NO

2) THAT the Council of the Municipality of Clarington be advised of the support of Ajax and Whitby for a ballot question on representation and that Clarington Council be requested to support a region wide ballot question on this issue in light of Clarington’s significant under representation.

So I wonder, do you feel we in Clarington, need to add one more Regional Councillor to the mix at this time? Our Staff report says no, not at this time…….Will we really be just “shuffling the deck chairs to give Ajax and Whitby what they want?”

Once again the “Trees for Rural Roads Program” is now accepting Applications for 2014. In our continued effort to restore trees along roadsides, the Municipality of Clarington in partnership with the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, and support from Maple Leaves Forever, is offering the “Trees for Rural Roads” program again in 2014. Native trees are being offered FREE OF CHARGE to Clarington’s rural residents to be planted along municipal roads on private land. Available species are: sugar, red and silver maples; red and white oak, white pine, spruce and white birch.

Applications are due March 31, 2014 with pick up taking place in April. The program is subject to budget approval in early 2014. To participate please complete an APPLICATION FORM and return it to the Clarington Planning Department or one of the local Conservation Authorities.

Clean Water-Healthy Land Financial Assistance Program, Municipality of Clarington…the goal of the Clean Water Healthy Land Financial Assistance Program is “through stewardship, to improve overall watershed health”

This initiative is available for landowners, residents, community groups, schools, and businesses within Clarington and the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority. Financial Assistance can be applied for to complete stewardship projects that will benefit your community, such as: Tree Planting, erosion control, water well upgrades or decommissioning, habitat creation or enhancement, stream fencing, alternate water supplies

For more information on this initiative or apply for funding contact the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority at 2216 County Rd 28, Port Hope, ON L1A 3V8 Phone 905-885-9824 or info@grca.on.ca  ww.grca.on.ca

While we are discussing the GRCA mark your calendars! Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 at he GRCA Millennium Building, 2216 County Rd 28, Port Hope at 7 pm there will be a Trout and  Salmon of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority Watersheds Seminar. This will be a look at the population, biology and health of Steelhead, Brown Trout, Chinook and Coho Salmon. For more information contact Brian Morrison, resident GRCA Fisheries Biologist, at 905-885-8173 or bmorrison@grca.on.ca

Did you know based on our Priority Green Clarington Survey” 76% of residents feel that Clarington should become a leader in environmental issues and the top three characteristics that residents enjoy most about the community in order are: small town feel, quietness, and openness/greenspace

Green neighbourhoods provide and opportunity for an improved quality of life that will be felt at both individual and community levels. Clarington’s Priority Greenspace contacts are Amy Burke Priority Green Coordinator aburke@clarington.net or Carlos Salazar Manager, Community Planning&Design csalazar@clarington.net  or both can be reached at 905-623-3379

Coming up tomorrow night from 4:30-6:30 at the Kendal Community Hall is the Annual Chili Dinner. Great chili’s to choose from along with salad, rolls, coffee, tea, and dessert. Adults $12 and Children 4-12 yrs $6 under 4 are free. Come on out and join us for this great fundraiser for the Newtonville Community Hall and get warmed up on a cold winters evening…Thank you, Frank Palmieri of No Frills for helping out Newtonville Hall Board.

Monday, January 20th Mayor Foster will be speaking at the Newcastle Ratepayers meeting at 7:30 pm with an update of what is going on in Clarington. Everyone is welcome so come on out and join us.

So as you can see there is a lot of things going on in Ward 4!

…..if you see Councillor Woo and Councillor Hooper around town, wish them a very happy birthday…as both had birthdays this past week!

Remember, there are many great things happening around Ward 4, so get out and enjoy them…in the meantime….. have a wonderful week and be kind to one another!

Remembering….around the Ward

Good Evening!

Significant things are taking place this week. Starting in Newtonville, yesterday with their Remembrance Day Service at 10:30 that was a cold and windy day but did not deter the hearty Newtonville residents that came to pay their respects in front of the Cenotaph. It was a lovely service and the Vets that attended made it even better, the Legion Colour Party and all. Last night the Armistice Dinner was held at the Legion Branch 178 and there we had the honour of watching a video bringing back many memories for the packed house full of Veterans, Legion Associates and Affiliates.

Today, after a fantastic pancake breakfast at the Kendal Community Hall, along with Ron and Joan Hooper, I headed off to the Armistice “Remembrance”Day Parade in Orono. Form up was at 1:00 in front of the Rebekah Hall where we paraded down the Main Street to the Cenotaph at the corner of Station and Main. It was a moving ceremony with Stirling Mather acting once again as Master of Ceremonies.”Stirl”fought in WW2 and lived in Orono for many years. Our service in Orono without Stirl just wouldn’t be the same. Regional Councillor Willie Woo read the local names of the fallen who are engraved on our Cenotaph from both wars and we thank him for that.

The Colour Party, once the service was over came back to the Orono Armoury where Mayor Foster, MP Erin O’Toole and MPP John O’Toole unveiled and presented the new owner, Alistair and Jeff, the original trowel that had been given to the Adjutant General, Colonel V.A.S. Williams, on September 26, 1913. This trowel will mark the occasion of Colonel Williams laying the corner stone at what was then known as the “New Orono Drill Hall” What an honour for me to be included as I have many fond memories of this Armoury. It was used when I was a kid for Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts and many of us local kids will remember those fun days when Marie Lycett, then the Zone Commander for Guides and Brownies came to “inspect the troops” It was such an honour for us as Marie lived in Orono at the time.IMG_00001073

                          Cake baked by Orono’s Village Bake Shop

GPA tomorrow has been postponed until Tuesday this week due to Remembrance Day which is the right thing to do so we can pay a proper tribute to our fallen heros and those fighting for our freedom around the world today.Tomorrow will there will be Remembrance Day services in many places. Newcastle will be held at 10:30, at the Cenotaph at the Newcastle Community Hall. It will be a day of reflection for many. Please do your bit and attend a service if you can but at the very least a 2 minute silence at 11:00 should not go unnoticed. LEST WE FORGET

 There is a lot coming up in the Ward this weekend! Friday, Nov 15th a prime rib dinner will be held at the Orono Cafe where Amin and  Fatin Rawdah will be hosting their 7th Anniversary in our quaint little village. The prime rib dinner will include all inclusive appetizers, drinks, dinner and desserts for just $25 each! All proceeds will go to the Bowmanville Hospital. I hope you can join in on this great fundraiser and congratulate the Rawdahs on their much continued success in Orono. Friday night is also the 3rd Annual Jacqui Kent Extravaganza being held at the Newcastle Community Hall from 5-9 pm. A night of indulgence, wine and canapes, with free door prizes every hour and the world famous sculptor Jacqui Kent will be there showing off her Santas along with the many faces of Jacqui Kent! Don’t miss it as the proceeds go to the Newcastle Community Hall for renovations of the hall.

Saturday, November 16, Janice Parish/Royal Service is hosting her Annual Food Bank Fundraiser held at the Newcastle Community Hall. This is Janice’s 5th Annual Dance and Fundraiser with 3 live bands. County West, Doozies and the Dirt Squirrel. Tickets are just $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Bring a food bank donation and be entered into the draw for the door prize.  All proceeds will go to the Clarington East Food Bank! Come join us! Saturday is also the day that Orono United Church Resale Shop Christmas Sale and lunch 9-3 pm., Fosterbrooke is holding their Christmas Bazaar 10 am-2 pm, and Sunday, of course is the Newcastle Santa Claus Parade! What a great end to a giving weekend! What a great way to start the Season of Giving. Come join us, won’t you?

Looking ahead to Tuesday Nov 19th, the Newcastle Horticulture Society Christmas Show and Pot Luck 6:30 pm at the Newcastle Community Hall, main auditorium. It will also be the AGM meeting. November 30th Newcastle BIA will be hosting the annual Santa Claus pancake breakfast starting at 9 am and Orono will be hosting the 2nd Annual Santa Claus Parade starting at 10:30!

December 1, Newtonville will be hosting a Santa’s Pancake Breakfast 9-12 Pictures with Santa, pancakes, sausage, oranges, juice, coffee and tea! Adults $7 and Children 2-12 $4. Tickets are on sale now or at the door. You can contact newtonvillehall@hotmail.com  Please bring a non perishable canned food item for the food drive that will help spread the joy of giving this holiday season. At 6 pm Dec. 1, enjoy the Newtonville Tree Lighting and after, come join us in a night of caroling at the Newtonville Community Hall where light refreshments will be served. So circle these special dates on your calendar and I hope to see you around the ward….until next time….be kind to one another!