Hello and Merry Christmas!

Hello again!

It has been a very long time since I have written my blog. I have been tending to a medical issue but yes, I am alive and well now recuperating from major back surgery so you can all rest easy knowing I am expecting to return to the Council Chambers early in the New Year!  As you all have read, I have been away from actual Committee and Council meetings however for those who are concerned, I have continued tending to ALL of the Ward 4  residents issues since my return home from St Michael’s Hospital  right from my home. I have continually dealt with Staff on the many issues like the Draft Official Plan, the Enniskillen Transformer, and the many development issues presently taking place throughout the Municipality.  I have listened to the Council discussions on tape and made comments thru the Mayor and Councillor Hooper when I needed to, looking after your best interests. I passed along the upcoming events going on in Ward 4 to Councillor Hooper to read on my behalf during our announcement portion of the agenda. The motion for a “leave” was made because my return date is not cast in stone, a lot is depending on my healing and the Municipal Act dictates what is needed for me to retain my seat.  Council put this forward to be proactive and I appreciate that.  Please know if you need to contact me you can call my office anytime and I will deal with all issues for you and I want to take this time to thank everyone who has phoned, sent cards and all the beautiful flowers. It certainly has warmed my heart to know so many care.

Most of the Santa Claus Parades are over and sadly, I missed them all.  Everyone knows how much I love a parade! I’m already looking forward to next year! Everyone, all volunteers, did a remarkable job this year and we all know without our fantastic sponsors and volunteers, these parades would not take place. Thank you all for supporting each and every one of these parades! Please remember T.H.E.E. Farmers Parade of Lights thru Enniskillen to Tyrone will be this WEDNESDAY, December 7th so if you want to see a wonderful, unique parade, get out to see this parade. Go early as prime parking along the roadside gets snapped up quickly!  There will be hot chocolate, hot dogs and donuts at the church and the Blacksmith shop in Tyrone community center will be holding a pot luck supper for the parade participants…This parade truly honours our farming community and this is a wonderful group of farmers in our Community so please come and pay tribute to them. You will be glad you did!

It is difficult with this weather for people to get into the swing of Christmas shopping so I am sure the retailers are feeling the pinch at the moment. Now with the snowfall that hit Sunday through the night I hope the stores will be full and those tardy people who didn’t get their snow tires on yet are not scrambling to much. So, PLEASE SHOP LOCAL! This is the time that can make or break a small retailer so if you can support these retailers etching out a living right here in Clarington, please…they need you more than ever now!

There are many fun events taking place throughout the season that you should take in if you can as this is the time that many fundraisers are also done and everyone counts on them to be successful to help them assist the less fortunate throughout the year! If you can drop in at one of these great events, please do..they make for great family entertainment!

This Thursday, December 8th the Community Care Seniors Lunch Out (generally held the last Wednesday of the month at the Orono United Church) will be attending a special Seniors Lunch Out at the Kendal Community Hall where the Kendal Community Hall Board will be providing a special Christmas Dinner for those Community Care patrons. If you are interested in joining these Seniors Lunch Outs in the New Year please call the Community Care office in Bowmanville and speak to them about adding your name to their list. The Kendal Hall Board generally caters these events in Orono and you will not be disappointed in the meals we provide for a nominal fee.

On Friday December 9th the Kendal Community Hall Board will be hosting their second annual Lighting of the Lights at the Kendal Community Centre at 6:30 pm...bring the kids to see Santa and enjoy the evening right here in Kendal!

The Clarington Official Plan has been ratified by Council and has been sent to the Region. Let’s hope that we will see our recommendations pass at the Regional level. Orono has asked for an Urban Boundary Expansion with the hope that once this is approved we will be able to have a reputable Developer come in and build affordable housing units for Seniors. This is an area that is needed in Clarington and we in Orono have the land to do it.

As you are all aware the 407 Highway is progressing at a steady pace and there are many roads detoured or just plain cut off to any traffic. This highway is on track to be finished by December 2019 and that is actually a year before it was originally scheduled. Patience is needed at this time until the highway is complete so if you have any concerns please contact Blackbird at info@407eastphase2.ca

I am sorry to hear the news our RCMP Detachment in Bowmanville will be closing January 1, 2017. This is a big loss to our community, I wish the officers all well wherever they end up and hope that as many as possible can stay right here in Clarington. We are family after all!

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their continued support and from my home to yours may I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and remember…PLEASE….as always…be kind to one another!Santa's Elf Wendy