MP Kim Rudd speaks in China…

This just came in from MP Rudd’s Communication Director out of her Cobourg Office. Thought I would pass it on to keep residents of Ward 4, in the new riding of Northumberland Peterborough South informed of what our new MP is up to these days!

MP Rudd is a very busy lady!

Any questions can be directed to Jamie Simmons Communications Director/Community Liaison whose contact information is at the bottom.


Kim Rudd
Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Natural Resources

Member of Parliament for Northumberland—Peterborough South           12 Elgin Street East Unit No. 4 Cobourg, Ontario K9A0C5

Telephone: 905-372-8757 Fax: 905-372-1500

MP Rudd with China’s Vice-Minister of Energy


Media Release

April 7, 2016                                                                                                   For Immediate Release
Rudd Gives Keynote Address at Opening Ceremony for 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference

Beijing, China

April 7, 2016

In her role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources, Kim Rudd delivered the keynote address at the 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference.

As a recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources, I have the privilege of shepherding the nuclear files for the Government of Canada,” said Rudd in her address. “I’m pleased to be doing so as part of the new government: a government that stands behind evidence-based policy; a government that supports clean technology to address climate change; and a government committed to public engagement. What has not changed with our government is Canada’s long-standing relationship with China and our history as major trading partners. In fact, trade between our two countries topped $85 billion last year, and China was second only to the United States as a destination for Canadian exports.”

As part of the trade mission to China, Rudd has also attended high-level meetings with senior Chinese officials in the energy sector, including China’s Vice-Minister of Energy. Today’s itinerary includes meetings at China National Nuclear Corporation and China General Nuclear. Tonight she is an honoured guest at a Chinese cultural event put on by the Chaoyang Theatre.

For inquiries, please contact:

Jamie Simmons

Communications Director/Community Liaison


Making news in Clarington

IMG_20160219_144846_editA huge supporter of Clarington Museums, Author, Philanthropist and Greek and Latin Educator, Marion Rickard Farr generously bequeathed in her will $70,408.00 to the Bowmanville Museum. Clarington Museum recognized this donation at an event held at the Sarah Jane Williams Centre. There was a heartwarming tribute by sister in law Jean Rickard who brought both laughter and tears to most and then Don Rickard, spoke on behalf of the Rickard Family. Marion was the sister of his father, Garnet B Rickard, the first Mayor of the Town of Newcastle, renamed Clarington in 1994.

February 25th brought a great event to the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority Annual General Meeting with a beautiful print of the rare  Hooded Warbler,  that is now home to a few of pairs right here in the west part of the Ganaraska Forest! Birders Unite!

69thAGM 016

I’d like to start with what led to the Ganaraska Region Authority receiving a wonderful presentation/donation by our very own local artist and birder, Jim Richards.

Everyone should know of Jim, whether it by a letter (or two) to the Editor, or by his “Stray Feathers” column we all knew and loved, so it was not unusual to have this happen although maybe it was not quite the way one might have pictured this event taking place.

Jim was out and about taking one of his many photos of nature and birds in particular, in June of 2014, when he happened upon a logging operation taking place in the Ganaraska Forest. Now the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority has a logging practice that is a responsible forest management program however it happened that these practices where violating the Migratory Bird Act as it was being conducted during nesting season and that is not supposed to happen.

Jim contacted me since I sit as Vice Chair of the GRCA, and wanted to make sure this practice was stopped at once and both he and I contacted the CAO, Linda Laliberte and the Chair, Forrest Rowden for a meeting to discuss this necessary change to the GRCA’s logging practices to better protect migratory birds, their nests and young during the spring season.  I wrote a motion and took it to the next Board Meeting and it passed unanimously!

A small percentage of the Ganaraska Forest is logged each year. Logging can let light into the forest floor, create new wildlife habitat and add to the biodiversity of the forest. After these recent changes there is no logging allowed in the forest during bird nesting season and this now mirrors the Migratory Bird Act. I believe all round this is a great thing to happen showing we are truly protecting nature in the forest.

Now I thought we should be giving an award to Mr Richards for all his work with nature in the forest… but Jim, being Jim, contacted me about wanting to donate to the Forest Center, which is our learning facility, a picture of the  Hooded Warbler of which there are 4 or more pairs right here in the western part of the Ganaraska Forest that he was lucky enough to photograph. Well, I was gobsmacked…I thought what a generous offer that was. It could have been cost prohibitive to do this as the framing and matting are so expensive but when I was speaking with Hannu Halminen of Halminen Homes at another occasion, the conversation came around to Conservation and we spoke about Jim wanting to make this print donation and how expensive it was going to be and we were concerned it would cost prohibitive and the project would not get done. Hannu offered to pay for the matting and framing in order that this project was completed and after speaking with Jim about this he decided to take Hannu up on it. What a generous act of kindness by both of these men from right here in Ward 4.

If you have not been to this centre, you need to add that to your bucket list. It is a wonderful piece of nature, a jewel in our crown. Mother Nature would be proud. I know I am.

Presentations like this are just one of the many good things that go unnoticed right here at home. sometimes you never hear about them happening. Who would have thought,  A local Nature Photographer, and a land Developer who looks after the Environment, and a Conservation Authority coming together for the good of all. I am proud to call Ward 4 and Clarington my home aren’t you?


MP Rudd with Betty and Connie

Last week, MP Kim Rudd, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Northumberland Peterborough South came to the Massey House right here in Newcastle where she praised the Federal Budget while giving the local crowd an update. MP Rudd explained the Federal Budget giving the crowd the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered right there on the spot. Although MP Rudd was unable to stay as long as what we had hoped she would be able to, she left many of us very encouraged with what may lie ahead of us in the months to come. MP Rudd tells us she will be having a mobile office right here in Newcastle, Ward 4 and I will keep you posted on her schedule as I am meeting with MP Rudd’s Communications Staff this week. That in itself is very encouraging for Ward 4 residents as it is something that residents have been asking me about since the election. I look forward to my next Blog so I can update you with that.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Lions Chicken BBQ taking place at the Newcastle Community Hall, Sunday, May 1st. These tickets sell fast and they are just $18 or 2 for $35. You won’t get a better meal for that anywhere and you will be helping the Lions Club  who do so much for the community. You can get them from any Newcastle Lion so contact one soon..

So until we connect again….be kind to one another…








FYI…thought you would like to know…Municipal Budget 2016

It’s official…The Municipality of Clarington has adopted its 2016 Operating and Capital budget totalling approximately $89 million. Council passed the budget Monday night by a 4-3 vote. Councillor Hooper, Councillor Traill, Councillor Woo and Mayor Foster in support and Councillor Cooke, Councillor Neal and Councillor Partner against it.

Residents will see a 3.89 per cent increase in their taxes. That amounts to an additional payment of $48 on the Clarington portion of the tax bill for an average house valued at $294,000.

In Clarington, residents pay for Municipal services, those add up to be about 30 per cent of the tax levy; they also pay for Regional Services, that’s about 50 per cent of the levy; and they pay for education, about 20 per cent of the levy goes to the School Boards.

Clarington Council approved an operating budget of approximately $68 million that will pay for the day-to-day costs that cover services, programs and facilities run by the Municipality. Council also approved approximately $22 million for the capital budget that will cover the cost of long-term infrastructure projects.

As part of overall tax increase, almost a full percentage point will be dedicated to improvements and resurfacing of rural roads. That means $449,000 will be dedicated to upgrades to critical road infrastructure. “Council has made some key choices and decided to allocate a substantial amount to our rural road network. This was a key initiative we identified in our Strategic Plan to address a deficit that we are now honouring. These roads are in need of some maintenance and repair and have been a concern for residents,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. This was down however from what was identified by both the Engineering and Operations Departments who felt the pinch when Council voted to include only an increase of $3oo,ooo

To mitigate the impact and cost of Municipal services on taxpayers, Council has opted to make a withdrawal of $800,000 from Clarington’s rate stabilization reserve fund to offset the overall tax burden.

Here’s a list of some of the big-ticket items Clarington residents pay for:

  • $2.03 million in winter control including snow removal and salting, that’s an increase of more than $114,000;
  • $3.4 million in road maintenance
  • $2.1 million on maintenance and upkeep of Clarington’s parks
  • $1.2 million in street lighting
  • $9.28 million in facility expenses to support Clarington’s recreational facilities
  • $779,125 for aquatic programs
  • $316,264 for expenses associated with fitness programs
  • $442,110 for recreation programs
  • $7.6 million for fire suppression response
  • $645,000 for fire prevention
  • $520,000 for fire and emergency communications
  • $125,000 to begin a fund for parking lot rehabilitation to pay for this ongoing necessity

Residents pay for a wide variety of services the Municipality offers, from road maintenance, winter control, fire and emergency, to our facilities and recreational programs.

The Municipality of Clarington recognizes the efforts of local not-for-profit organizations and volunteer groups who provide much-needed services in our community. To support these efforts, Council has earmarked $100,000 that will be distributed through the Municipality’s Grant and Sponsorship programs. Council decides, using an application process, how the money is allocated and which organizations receive funding.

The Municipality also provides funding to external agencies including:


2015 approved

2016 request

2016 approved

Clarington Public Library




Bowmanville Older Adult Association***see below***




Clarington Museums




Visual Arts Centre




John Howard Society / Firehouse Youth




Community Care Durham




Newcastle Community Hall




Orono Cemetery Board




***Now a Registered Not for Profit Corporation, registered under Federal Not For Profit Legislation) who the Municipality provides the Building and maintains the envelope of it as well as the Elevator, Boiler etc for them. They are seeking, but have not yet received charitable status and this should open them up to new funding opportunities****

Community Care Durham is an agency that truly needs our continued help. Just ask the 40+ waiting for meals on wheels who can’t get it as there is no funding to provide it due to continual Provincial downloads and cutbacks. We gave them an extra $10,000 but as you all know that is not enough for our Clarington Seniors in need. In my opinion we should have given them the $48,000 they asked for. They are managed well and have a proven track record to that effect.

The Fire House Youth/John Howard Society, supporting a very important sector in our Municipality, our Youth… and who provide wonderful programming for our teens throughout Clarington have done a great job once again providing more and more events for our youth. Chris and his team have done a great job holding the line at no increase to the taxpayer.

In total, Council allocated more than $3.8 million to these various external agencies. This represents 0.17 per cent of the total tax increase.

The Municipality of Clarington continues to rely on its reserve funds to help alleviate the burden on taxpayers and plan for future projects. Any surpluses from a given year are transferred to the Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund. Money from that fund is used to offset the tax levy. Contributions are made regularly to other reserve funds to plan for future capital projects. In 2016, the estimated annual draw on reserve funds will be $20.8 million to pay for capital replacement items. Those include a new tanker and pumper truck for Emergency and Fire Services; new portable washrooms for Clarington Fields; Holt Road reconstruction from Bloor Street to Highway 2; Middle Road reconstruction from Concession Road 3 to the urban limit, just to name a few of the projects earmarked for 2016.

Clarington remains one of the most affordable communities to reside in within Durham Region.

The average household income in Clarington is $105,167 while the average residential taxes are around $3,780 or about 3.6 per cent of the household income. That’s one of the lowest percentages within the Region of Durham.

According to Mayor Foster, “Council has adopted a fiscally prudent and responsible budget. We have heard residents’ concerns and are investing in our road network. We have once again adopted a measured approach to the budget, keeping our local tax levy rates steady to ensure our residents know what to expect. We continue to provide cost-effective, top-notch services,” said Mayor Foster.

My comments are not quite so rosy…I did not support this budget because I believe we should be investing in our rural roads and each year even tho we know our rural road network is where we need to invest more we don’t invest as we should. The review was done and it was decided the need was for another $480,000 into the rural road network and that ask was cut to $300,000. Yes we may have invested $114,000 but we should have invested another $480,000 on top of that. The Operations Department is responsible to maintain all of our ever-growing roads, parks, grass cutting, etc yet we never  add a new truck or man to the fleet. We make do. DC charges may pay to build the roads but there is nothing built into them to maintain them after we take responsibility for them. The Taxpayer then assumes the bill. A wise man once said” if your roof is leaking, you don’t spend money on your lawn, you fix your roof” I think it is past time we fixed our roof don’t you? Of the 51 rural roads identified as in need of repair, 38 are in WARD 4…now just how many do you think will be done in 2016. If you think one should be yours, remember it was a Council decision to not provide that extra funding needed to possibly do them in 2016….please don’t take it out on the Operations Department.

Yes we stayed under 4%. 3.89% to be exact and once again if you look at our record, we are at least consistent with that. There are no huge fluctuations.People have come to expect that rate and would like to see it lower. I would too however with all we provide for our residents it is near impossible to do with a 90/10 residential/industrial tax split at the moment.

The Department Heads did what they were asked to do. CUT, CUT, and CUT some more. So you can’t blame them. They are constantly asked to look after the taxpayers purse and they do a fantastic job doing just that. Many Departments and Staff are working hard, and being stretched to the limit, yet we always find money to give to Fire Services for another staff whether it be in Fire Prevention or Suppression. The Orono Weekly Times said that position was never discussed but it was. As a matter of fact, ALL Departments needing Staff or other items they thought necessary, put it forward back in our pre budget meeting in November. Our CAO dropped them ALL in order to help keep our taxes in line with what our past increases have been. A measure to help us reach our goals. Our other Departments, like Operations, Community Services, Finance, Engineering and I/T where they don’t seem to be so visible(but they are!), staffing never seems to be an option for them so as we continue to grow, they step up their game and soldier on, some sadly burning out along the way.

They will once again do more with less and hope for the 2017 Budget to look better for their departments to get the funding necessary to replace that old operations truck or hope to add a Staff member to help fill a few more pot holes or maintain the beaches and parks to the standards that residents expect. Remember, we have now added another full time Fire Prevention Officer for 2017 starting in the second half of 2016. As our Director of Finance alludes to, we start behind the 8 ball and I have to add, it is Council who puts them there. I hope we don’t continue to tie their hands…that should not be too much to ask.

I hope the External Agencies that continue to come to the Municipality look deep within their organizations and see what they can be doing to make themselves more self sustainable. Every business needs a plan to make themselves less reliant on the Taxpayer. I am not saying we can’t be there to help in some fashion, whether it only be by providing that building they need to be housed in(we do have a roll to play) only that we should not be at the head of the line for their biggest shot in the arm.

Anyway…we will now put the 2016 Budget to rest. We will move on to other issues that are beginning to take shape and do the best we can to make the best decisions we can with the information we have before us.

I would like to take this time to wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope everyone is taking time with family and friends to celebrate this special rejuvenation of life!

So until next time…

Happy Easter everybody! Remember…you eat the Chocolate Bunny EARS first!

Hot off the press!!

Thought you all should know that our newly elected Member of Parliament Kim Rudd of Northumberland–Peterborough South has been named today by The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau as Parliamentary Secretary to Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources.

“In order to build a country that works for everyone, you need a strong and diverse team,” said Trudeau. “Today I have the pleasure of announcing that 35 remarkable Canadians will be taking on new and expanded responsibilities. These highly motivated individuals, who come from a variety of backgrounds and communities across our great country, bring a wealth of talent and experience to the table that will compliment existing Cabinet strengths.”

“I am honoured that the Prime Minister has placed his trust in me,” said Rudd. “I look forward to supporting Minister Carr and the Ministry and will do so to the best of my abilities. The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for many key policy files of great importance to Canadians, and I look forward to doing all that I can to be of service.”

The Natural Resources Portfolio includes Energy, Mining/Minerals, Forests, Earth Sciences, Hazards, Explosives, and the North.
Within the Government of Canada, Minister James Gordon Carr is responsible for the activities of the Department of Natural Resources (NRCan). In his capacity as Minister, he also has responsibility for the Natural Resources portfolio, which includes the following:

*one Crown Corporation: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL);

*two independent regulators: the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission(CNSC);
*a not-for-profit foundation: Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC); and
*two boards that report to the Minister as required: the Energy Supplies Allocation Board (ESAB) and the Northern Pipeline Agency (NPA).Great news for all that are interested in moving the Port Granby Reserve end use project along as MP Rudd is in full support of this use that is being proposed. From all of your constituents from Ward 4 Clarington, Congratulations MP Rudd!
Camopaigning 2015

Wally Boughen&MP Kim Rudd 

Well this will be an interesting PIC coming up in Orono, since Mill Street and Main Street Orono run the same direction and Millson Hill Drive is a cross-road from one to the other!

For clarification, this sidewalk will be down Cob Hill into the Village on the WEST side of Main Street. It is a cost sharing project with Durham Region and Durham Region will take on the improvements of Main Street to Taunton and be relocating poles and bringing the street lighting up to Regional Standards. If you are interested in having all of Main Street lit better to TAUNTON RD then you need to get to the PIC and make your comments to the Engineering Department.

Public Information Centre: Main Street Orono Sidewalk Improvements from Mill Street to Millson Hill Drive

Public Information Centre

Main Street Orono Sidewalk Improvements from Mill Street to Millson Hill Drive

In combination with the Region of Durham’s project to reconstruct Main Street from Orono Creek north to Taunton Road, the Municipality of Clarington is carrying out a sidewalk infill project to create a continuous sidewalk on the west side of Main Street from Mill Street north to Millson Hill Drive.

A Public Information Centre will be held on December 9, 2015, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Orono Arena and Community Centre, 2 Princess Street, Orono. The purpose of the Public Information Centre is to present the preliminary plan for the new sidewalk and consult with those having an interest in the project.

You are cordially invited to attend the Public Information Centre. Preliminary design drawings will be available for your review and staff will be on hand to answer questions. The design team would like your input and welcomes your comments. If you are unable to attend and require further information you may contact either of the contacts below with any feedback, questions or concerns.

Sean Bagshaw, P. Eng
Capital Works Engineer, Engineering Services
Municipality of Clarington
40 Temperance Street
Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3A6
Phone: 905-623-3379

Dale Dionne, P. Eng.
Project Manager
Dionne Bacchus & Associates
110 Scotia Court, Unit 27
Whitby, Ontario L1N 8Y7
Phone: 905-767-1782

Check out this poster sent to me by the Newcastle BIA regarding the Free Dental implant information seminar being held at the Newcastle Smile Center 361 King Ave E, Newcastle on December 15th at 6 pm! Please contact the Center to confirm your space at 905-446-5500. Space is limited….

NewCastleSmile CentreInvitation – last one %281%29


Santa Claus has come to town!!

Well all the festivities are off and running! Starting with Bowmanville and Newcastle Santa Claus Parades and now Orono has had their 4th Annual Santa Claus Parade and what a parade it was. Small and intimate with loads of music and great floats and participation with all the children’s groups taking part. Orono Public School, Orono Sunday School, Orono Figure Skating Club and Orono Hockey and Soccer Teams. From Minions to Thomas the Train and the Tow Truck from Disney Cars. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! I would like to especially thank the our sponsors who took up the torch to help us make this happen. The Orono BIA (who provide the insurance thru the Municipality of Clarington) The Orono 4T Club, Bowmanville Legion Auxiliary Br 178, Covanta, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Taylor Sand & Gravel, Newcastle Funeral Home, Janice Parish-Royal Service, Ontario Power Generation, Evergreen, Orono Weekly Times, Race Mechanical, Orono Masons, Gibson Roofing, Heather Rebekah Lodge, RT Heating&Air Conditioning. Mark Rainford Auto Center, Orono Chili Cook Off Committee, Orono Fire Hall Association, Geek Girl Media and of course the Municipality of Clarington!

This past Sunday, Rev. Jim Feairs retired after 13 years with the Newcastle United Church. It was a sold out event and somewhat of a roast of Jim’s past 13 years in the community. Jim is a wonderful man, who led his congregation well and will be greatly missed. We all wish him well and hope he accomplishes that HUGE exciting bucket list we left him!

Hooper’s Jewellers 70th Anniversary


This very busy schedule of events just gets busier and December is always a challenge to all of Council and to be able to attend all of these great events is tough to do so if you don’t see us at these events, it is usually because we are off at another of the many events taking place.

This Wednesday starting in Enniskillen is the Farmers Parade of Lights where you will see the Agriculture sector light up the night with their annual parade of lights. It is a spectacular sight to see and if you have not seen it yet please come out and line the parade route to Tyrone Community Hall to show your support of Agriculture There will also be refreshments at the Tyrone Community Hall at the end of the parade so hope to see you there.

 This Saturday, December 5th, The Orono Town Hall Board will be hosting their Annual Breakfast with Santa from 9-11 am at the Orono Town Hall. Adults will be $6 Children under 12 $3 and children under 3 are free. Tickets can be purchased at the door. There will be a free gift from Santa. A photo with Santa will be $2

The Annual Heather Rebekah Lodge Bazaar is being held Dec 5th from 11-2 at the Rebekah Hall 124 Church Street N in Orono. This Bazaar is known to be one of the best around every year and you may just find that unique Christmas gift you were looking for this year!

And the same night Kendal United Church will be holding a sing a long starting at 7. This is always a fun night at the Kendal United Church. There will be a free will offering and social time with light refreshments so bring your best voice and join us.

December 6, this Sunday, at the Newtonville Community Hall the Newtonville Hall Board will be hosting their Annual Santa’s Breakfast from 9-11:30. There will be pancakes, sausages, juice, coffee/tea served. A photographer will be on hand to take photos of your children with Santa for free so if you provide your email address the photo will be sent to you via email. You are asked to bring a non-perishable canned food items for their food drive to help spread the joy of giving this holiday season. Adults $7 Children 2-12 $4 and under 2 are free.

Circle the date, Friday December 11th is when we will have Fun for the Whole Family at the Kendal Community Center! There will be a tree lighting at 6:30pm, this newly planted 6’tree was donated by Harry Richardson from the Kendal Richardson Tree farm, and you can join the Carollers for a stroll through the Village, return to the Center and visit with Santa at 8PM. There will be Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider and cookies served at the Community Center. This event is sponsored by the Kendal Community Center Board and it is all FREE …so come, bring your best voice, your family, and help us celebrate this festive season!

On Dec 12th Kendal Community Center Board Euchre Committee is hosting a Christmas Euchre starting at 7 pm with lots of goodies, a great lunch and plenty of prizes so come on over to the Kendal Community Center where the action is going to be! It will be a great night!

On Sunday December 13th St Saviours Anglican Church will be hosting their Annual Heritage Dinner. There will be carol singing at 5:30 and Dinner will be served at 6 pm. The menu will be Pea Soup and a bread basket, Tourtiere Meat pie with mashed potatoes, Carrot turnip casserole, Cole Slaw, Apple Crisp/Ice cream, Tea or coffee. It will be advance tickets only…Adults $15 Children 6-12 $7 and for tickets you can call Joan at 905-983-6091 or Maureen at 905-983-9642.

Also coming up Sunday, Dec 13th at 7 pm, the Newcastle Community Hall is hosting the Toronto Mass Choir for a carolling event! It will be free admission with a donation to the Clarington East Food Bank. What a wonderful way to give back to those less fortunate at this time of year. So come, bring your voices and good cheer!

Time to open your hearts and help our Community sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family thru the “Hope Restored”  movement that has been started. You can join the Orono and Community Syrian Refugee Sponsorship by contacting Stan Squires at 905-983-6264 or Come see what you can do to help out.

So as you can see, you will not be short of “things to do” this season! Get out and enjoy and remember, this is the season to be especially kind to your fellow-man. Do something nice and remember always be kind to one another! Until next time…if you are out socializing, be responsible and please don’t drink and drive!


This Sunday, November 22 at Newtonville Community Hall the Community Hall Board is hosting their annual Tree Lighting and Chili Dinner where there will also be a Silent Auction held as a fundraiser for the Community Hall.

The Chili Dinner will be from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Newtonville Community
Hall and the Tree Lighting Ceremony will be at 6:30 pm at the Ina Brown Parkette right next door. Refreshments will be served after the Tree lighting ceremony where we will also sing Christmas Carols!

The cost of the Chili Dinner is Adults $12 and Children 4-12 $6…toddlers under 4 are free!

November 26 the Orono Horticulture Society will be hosting their Potluck Supper and Annual Meeting and Christmas Show starting at 6:30pm in the basement of the Orono United Church. This proves to be a great night as drop in if you get the chance.

Don’t forget the Annual Heather Rebekah Lodge Annual Bazaar is being held Dec 5th from 11-2 at the Rebekah Hall 124 Church Street N in Orono. This Bazaar is known to be one of the best around every year so if you get the chance, pop in! You may just find that unique Christmas gift you were looking for this year!

IMG_20141214_094322Coming up is Christmas in Kendal! It is our first in a very long while for Kendal. So save the date, Friday December 11th when we will have Fun for the Whole Family at the Kendal Community Center! There will be a tree lighting at 6:30 pm, donated by Harry Richardson from Richardson Tree farm, and you can join the Carollers for a stroll through the Village, return to the Center and visit with jolly old Santa at 8 PM. There will be Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider and cookies served at the Community Center. This event is sponsored by the Kendal Community Center Board and it is all FREE …so come, bring your best voice, your family and join us in this festive season won’t you?!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

ME NOV 2012 ON SCAT TRUCKHard to believe it is already that time of year when the local Santa Claus Parades are taking place!  The kick off was Bowmanville starting on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and Newcastle last evening and what a great time everyone had  at both of these super events! Bowmanville with 81 entrants and Newcastle with 74! 

Lots of things coming up for the next few weeks and I will let you know what a few of them are. On Tuesday, November 17th Check out the Newcastle Horticultural Society as it hosts it’s Christmas Potluck Floral Show at the Newcastle Community Hall starting at 6:30

Wednesday November 18th the Rebekah ‘s will be holding a Ham Supper at the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Hall on Church  Street Orono at 6 pm. This dinner will be with all the trimmings and homemade desserts for just $18. Call Connie for tickets at 905-983-5726

We, in Orono are looking for entrants all the time so if you can put in a float contact me at and I will send you the release form you need. As well it costs a lot to put these parades on and I know every parade committee is always looking for help in that respect. If you can donate to help offset the cost, please, we would be very grateful.

I hope you can come out and enjoy the parades with your family! Every parade brings a different flavour to their respective communities and all parade committees will be selling buttons so please come enjoy and support them.Santa's Elf Wendy

I sure look forward to seeing you there!

I have many other things for you coming up so I will post them in my next blog as well!

Until next time, remember to take the time to say hello to your friends and neighbours.

Be kind to one another! It only takes a moment!