A week to remember in the New Riding!

I am always being asked what our MP is up to and when she is going to be in Ward 4…well I know MP Rudd is out and about shopping right here in Newcastle! With her daughter Steph, the two enjoyed a day out in Newcastle for lunch and a bit of shopping while talking with many of the local merchants in town and listening to their concerns…I was honoured to be invited to an announcement from MP Rudd’s office and below I have posted what it was and how  it should be of interest to all of us in our New Riding.

On Friday, MP Kim Rudd,  Announced Significant Funding Grants to Two Local Not-For-Profit Agencies

IMG_7435Parliamentary Secretary of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Northumberland Peterborough—South Kim Rudd invited me to attend an event to present two significant grants through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).Both agencies represent the best in services to our community…and both agencies have years of exemplary supports to the sectors they serve.

Community Living—West Northumberland will be presented with the ‘Stepping Stones to Employment’ Grant, while the Northumberland Community Legal Centre will be presented a ‘Career Focus’ Grant. Community Living—West Northumberland and its EARN subsidiary’s mission is committed to providing quality support for people with disabilities to live, learn, and work as valued citizens in the community.” They do this day-in and day-out…in support of EARN’s Stepping Stones to Employment Program.  This grant was delivered on behalf of Minister Mihychuk, Minister of Employment and Workforce Development & Labour, in the amount of $98,635.00

The Northumberland Community Legal Centre assists low-income people with a range of legal issues, including tenant’s rights, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Safety & Insurance, Criminal Injuries Compensation, Employment Insurance, Employment Standards, and Human Rights. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in the community. I’m proud to announce a grant on behalf of Minister Mihychuk from their Career Focus fund for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to make more informed career decisions and develop their skills.

Career Focus aims to:

  • increase the supply of highly qualified workers;                                                                                                                       IMG_7433
  • facilitate the transition of highly-skilled young people to a rapidly changing labour market;
  • promote the benefits of advanced studies; and
  • demonstrate federal leadership by investing in the skills required to meet the needs of the knowledge economy.

The Program is part of the Youth Employment Strategy. The Northumberland Legal Centre will be the recipient of $159,544 towards the hiring of legal students in the Legal Clinic.

Both agencies, their boards, staff, and volunteers work very hard and should be congratulated for  all they do for their communities.

Then on Friday afternoon, MP Rudd and some members of Clarington Council were in attendance for the ground breaking event of the Port Granby Project.Mayor Foster and MP Rudd were able to bring greetings and tell of the importance to our community of this project that has been years getting to this point.

IMG_7448This project is a federal initiative for the clean up and safe long term management of historic low level radio active waste situated in the southeast corner of the Municipality of Clarington. The project addresses a long standing environmental problem resulting from past industrial practices.

This project is part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) which also involves the clean up of historic low level radioactive waste in neighbouring Port Hope. The PHAI Management Office, led by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, is implementing the Port  Hope and Port Granby projects on behalf of  Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, a federal Crown Corporation.

So much happening around the Ward and our new riding…stay tuned for many more events taking place in Ward 4.

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